1986, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Currently lives in São Paulo.

Yan Copelli’s investigations unfold in a cross-disciplinary manner. Whether traditional or digital media are used, his works open a field ontological speculations of objects, exchanging shapes among themselves, common uses and significations in which utilitarian or decorative artifacts have in relation to the bodies they adorn. Generally, hybridity, torsions and the recurrence of specific colors and themes are aspects that draw reflections on identity constructs, as well assignifiers of taste.

We may identify his poetics, for example, with the metonymies attributing body parts to parts ofobjects – feet, hands, head, neck. It is according to this sort of semantic dislocation that Yan gives life to his work, a particularly performative and extravagant life, full of poses and tricks. Hisworks, including paintings, claim a body-like condition for themselves.

Felipe Molitor


BA - Industrial design (Graphic Design department)  at University Center of the City of Rio de Janeiro (UniverCidade), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“Baba na fronha” (curated by Ricardo Sardenberg), Projeto Vênus - São Paulo, Brasil

How I Feel (curated by Mama Like) - Duo Exhibition with Ivana De Vivanco, 208 Bowery - New York, United States

A forma das Coisas, Espaço.CC - São Paulo, Brasil


A Máquina Lírica (curated by Pollyana Quintella), Luisa Strina Gallery - São Paulo

Chat Cube (curated by Rudá Cabral), Homeostasis ( - online exhibition

Aragem, Anita Schwarts Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 

Futuração (curated by Lucas Albuquerque) , Aymoré Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Monster High group show (online exhibition) - São Paulo, Brasil 

Ao ar, livre (online exhibition curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto) - Brasil

Nine out of ten (curated by Ricardo Sardenberg), Projeto Vênus - São Paulo, Brasil

Fog Machine (online exhibition), part of the University of the Underground research program - Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Art in Isolation, North Dakota Museum of Art - North Dakota, United States 

ainda mt nada (online exhibition) - Brasil 

Ressetar (curated by Duilio Ferronato), Diversity Museum - São Paulo, Brasil 

Abre Alas (curated by Keyna Eleison, Pablo de La Barra e Yhuri Cruz ), A Gentil carioca - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mini e uma noite (curated by Claudio Savaget), Copanzinho - São Paulo, Brasil 

Reality show - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 

A menina mais feia da turma, Ateliê 397 - São Paulo, Brasil 

Antes Tarde Duke Nukem, Deactivated Hospital - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Parabéns (curated by Guilherme Teixeira), Tingua building mezzanine - São Paulo, Brasil

FESTIVAU DE C4NN3$ - sem anos de história, Lona gallery - São Paulo, Brasil

Abraço coletivo (curated by Paula Borghi), Ateliê397 - São Paulo, Brasil

Programa de Exposições TRETA, Ateliê397 - São Paulo, Brasil 

A Casa Da Galerista (curated by Maria Monteiro) , Copan - São Paulo, Brasil  

Corpo além do corpo (curated by Carollina Lauriano) , Ponder - São Paulo, Brasil 

The Others (curated by Tokio galeria), Brasil Perú Cultural Center - Lima, Peru

No Borders, Miscelanea Bcn - Barcelona, Spain

Salad days, Young Space winter online exhibition (curated by Kate Mothes)

1000 Vases (curadoria Say Hi To), Paris Design Week, Espace Commines - Paris, France 

Conversão (curated by Carlos Issa e Ana Helena Tokutake), Sé gallery - São Paulo, Brasil 

Altplana (curated by Bia Bittencourt), Elevado - São Paulo, Brasil

Laço, Paço das Artes - São Paulo, Brasil 

Tattoo the Girl, Mutuo Centro de Arte - Barcelona, Spain 

Ofício Coletivo, Public Archive of the State of Rio Grande do Sul - Porto Alegre, Brasil

Parede 2010, International Poster Art Festival, Federal Justice Cultural Center - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mental Mazes (curated by Ryan de la Hoz), Double Punch gallery, San Francisco - CA, United States 


Olhão web residency program / June

University of The Underground - research bureau "If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution - Amsterdam - Tbilisi / April - June


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Cabelo do Cebolinha #1, #2 e #3, Published by Bagaana

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