Dolphin experiment

In this project i try a post-truth experiment with a plastic dolphin keychain.

I’ve been observing how the internet in general is a dangerous place to disseminate ideas. In a time that visual and emotional interpretation dominate everything, we can easily legitimize any lie with some basic resources.  So i focuses on instagram and social midia and have been observing some waves of ephemeral tendencies. This phenomena that can turn a fruit in a lifestyle, can easily put a misogynist man like Donald Trump in the presidence of america or validate the cynicism of the mayor of são Paulo, João Doria.

phase 1:

In a very smaller scale i test the attention of my "followers" on the internet posting dolphin interests on social media. I chose this cute mammal in a super random way, because the mainly idea is legitimize an absurd, so planning a lot and bringing many arguments would devalue the idea that something silly but cute, which I want to manifest through the dolphin, could be more startling than the facts itself. The figure of this animal is a little trend between the millenials and the instagrammers maybe because years ago was a vaporwave icon and the kitch unfolding that have been very trendy.

I photograph my friends carrying the dolphin keychain and post it on instagram to create empathy. I dive deep in the dolphin universe to create context. I made a funeral for a keychain to create emotion. In the end i even doubted myself about my real intentions and almost believed that my obsession was real. So a R$ 0,99 keychain can be an amulet that I completely trust, a symbol of hope.

In this step my main objectve is to create a scenario of me as a big dolphin fan. 

phase 2:

I painted cute dolphins in dark contexts, with a solar aspect outside and something like a black matter inside, very heavy and useless, but always there, haunting us, almost invisible to our emotional eyes.

A cute dolphin can hide the abyss of the world.

Like my dolphin carrying the world for example, inspired on chaplin’s great dictator. Or my dolphin surfing on trash (material and cultural garbage).

But the point is my object matter is not the dolphin, i use the dolphin like an artifice to hide the real deal. but why this auto sabotage? Because i want to understand in a smaller spectrum how can I turn a lie into truth.

clay and acrylic paint, 2016

acrylic paint on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2016

acrylic paint on canvas, 40 x 40 cm, 2016

acrylic paint on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, 2016

acrylic paint on canvas, 2016