Yan Copelli's main subject of work are contemporary symbols that are observed and worked through painting and sculpture with superficial, colorful and emotional characteristics, even though there's a childish aspect to it,it hides something dark,as if it hunted us in a secret way depending on the way you look at it.Emotion VERSUS reason is something that has always been precisely questioned in my work. it can be a trap and can be easily manipulated in extremely perverse forms in our daily lives,especially when it comes to politics. On a smaller scale, I have observed there's a contemplation in art, a wave of the image justified by the image itself, which is a simulacrum of one's life, that has become a portrait of how you sell yourself in social network, for example, instagram. So i've been working with solar symbols, trending elements, and otherwise, showing through these elements a reflection of a society dominated by ego. My objective is to reflect how we have been receiving these messages, how we truly see things. So i try to work with a trivial and shallow imaginarium showing how forms and materials can impact and challenge the viewer to think outside the box. To interpret the narrative beyond it's form.


Desenho Industrial I Habilitação em Programação Visual

Centro Universitário da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro (UniverCidade)


Conversão, Mostra coletiva na Galeria Sé I 2016

Tattoo the Girl, Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona - Spain I 2012

Ofício Coletivo, Arquivo Público do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre - RS I 2011

Aro 10, Reserva +, Rio de Janeiro I 2011

Nossa Expo, Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro I 2011

Parede 2010, International Poster Art Festival from Rio de Janeiro I 2010

Mental Mazes, Double Punch Gallery, San Francisco - CA I 2010

Feira Plana #1, #2, #3 e #4

Feira Tijuana 2014, 2015, 2016

Pão de Forma 2015


Redtubbie I 2017

Apocalypso I 2016

Cabelin, Published by Bagaana I 2016

Revista Void I 2015

Cabelo do Cebolinha #1, #2 e #3, Published by Bagaana I 2014 a 2015

Mutuca, Published by Bagaana I 2014

Zine Falafel #2 I 2012

Weird Lines #1 I 2011

Friend Zone, Published by Blood of the young I 2011

FAQ Magazine #9 I 2011

Revista Saladah #1, #2, #3 I 2011

Universal Slime #1 I 2011