massa is fluid, organic and imperfect, like human beings. I was born in Rio and came to São Paulo four years ago. Since then i have been researching symbols related with my life in the city and observing how attached we are to things. We need to create our personal mythology about things to live in a society of fear, due to this economic model based in neoliberalism politics. For some people religion is a crutch, but everything beside your own capacity of living can be a crutch. A Hamburger is more than meat, its a bite of hope. A Coke is more than an unhealthy drink, it’s a reminder of how easy your childhood was. Those crutches are the engine of capitalism. We live our lives to pay rent and fear being fired all the time. So we buy a hamburger and drink coke. 

Confort food to confort ourselves.

We tend to connect with things instead of making a connection with people.

In this project i’ve been covering everyday objects with clay. My main objective is to reflect this garbage accumulation in this consuming life.