For this Project I created a zine for 2016 Feira Plana Art fair’s exhibit.
I tell the story of Pó, the red undefined sex telletubie.

I try to go deep in the persona of this character so I create an instagram for it and add some random people with zine interests. My objective is to turn the experience of redtubbie real. I capt the essence of the character that i create and send DM to “my insta friends” flerting around with the idea of this fabric living being created to interact with kids, but, taking off the telletubbies program, can have a very interesting behavior with this own desires and motivations.

I always reflect about how experience art and and turn more real and palpable. Zine is getting very mainstream and sometimes we can drop in a trap to repeat the “zine aesthetcs”. We can bring different formats, papers, but the experience can be the same. So i try to more then tridimensionalize turn the zine alive.